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Why partner with Leapfrog?

Marketing Agency Leicester

Leapfrog Marketing is a B2B digital marketing agency in Leicester specialising in the materials handling/logistics, transport/distribution, wood processing/woodworking and manufacturing/engineering markets.

It offers comprehensive marketing services including:

Public Relations

必威体育娱乐Our game changing digital and print PR strategies will get you visibility both on and offline to help build brand awareness, win new customers, break into new markets or attract potential investors and acquirers. Whatever your story, we’ll help you tell it so that heads turn.

Web Design and Development

Building websites isn’t just about great design it’s about creating a site that’s attractive to both your clients and Google. Our dedicated web masters will work with you to create the site that’s right for your business and ticks all the boxes with Google.

Email Marketing

We’ll help you create, test and execute email strategies that can – and will – change everything. From lead generation to increasing customer engagement, email marketing is still the most cost effective method of reaching your target customers on a regular basis.

Graphic Design

必威体育娱乐In our ‘always on’ world, it can be hard to stand out from the crowd. That’s where great graphic design makes a massive difference. At Leapfrog, we’ve created outstanding corporate identities, sales brochures and other marketing collateral that set our clients apart from the crowd.

Digital Marketing

必威体育娱乐When Sir Tim Berners-Lee invented the World Wide Web it is doubtful even he could have imagined the impact it would have on every aspect of our lives. In the marketing world, it has led to search engines ever-increasing focus on the user experience and providing relevant, quality content. Digital in all its guises, therefore, has to be part of your marketing strategy and Leapfrog will help you create a balanced and successful approach.

Video Production

Quite simply, video is one of the most versatile and profitable digital marketing tools out there. Videos will help you boost conversions and sales, build trust, explain the complex and engage even the laziest buyers. Oh, and Google loves videos.


必威体育娱乐Many people are quick to tell you that traditional print advertising in the trade media is a complete waste of time. Don’t listen to them; they are wrong. Printed advertising not only creates a stronger person-to-brand connection, but also builds trust and credibility for a brand. These and other benefits make it a must-include element of your marketing campaign.

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