Case Study Leapfrog Delivers Manufacturing Public Relations Campaign For Manor

“Over the years Leapfrog has earned a proven track record for delivering results via their strategically thought-out business-to-business campaigns. That’s the reason they have been my manufacturing PR company of choice for more than a decade.”

Michael Tucker Managing Director, Manor Concepts

What did the client want?

Manor Concepts had enjoyed strong results but was reliant on one major supermarket chain and that was hindering expansion. Leapfrog was brought on board to work on a strategy to attract a more varied customer base and build awareness of both the refrigerated display cabinets and the range of door solutions via a manufacturing PR campaign. The goal was to develop trust of Manor’s brands in the UK food and drink retail sector by creating a positive, highly visible profile for Manor products.

What did Leapfrog do?

必威体育娱乐Following a strategic analysis of the business Leapfrog proposed that the company created two brands – Manor Refrigerated Cabinets and coolsuredoors. This would help Manor Concepts overcome the market concerns about being ‘in the pocket’ of one retailer alone. Once the framework of the strategy was agreed, Leapfrog devised an effective manufacturing PR and marketing campaign for the brands which encompassed:

Leapfrog was instrumental in dealing with the UK media when Manor Concepts became a wholly owned subsidiary of the Italian commercial refrigeration world leader, Arneg S.p.A.

What were the results?

“Leapfrog has taken ownership of our marketing and their proactive approach to working with us continues to pay dividends. They care as much about the success of our business as we do and that guarantees results.

“They have developed clear brand identities for both Manor Refrigerated Cabinets and coolsuredoors together with contemporary websites which reflect the brands’ values.

“As a result of our manufacturing PR必威体育娱乐 campaign which consists of pertinent press releases, well written articles and professional photography, we now have positive and highly visible profiles for our brands – both online and in print.”

Michael Tucker
必威体育娱乐 Managing Director, Manor Concepts

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