Public Relations Building a great reputation…

The Leading B2B Public Relations Agency in Leicester

Here at Leapfrog, we blur the lines between conventional, digital and social public relations, creating impacts that extend across an array of channels both online and off.

A great reputation attracts interest

必威体育娱乐If you want more customers, you have to attract their attention.

Gone are the days when you could just ‘push’ out press releases backed by an advertising campaign and expect to get results.

Blending digital PR with print

As the leading B2B public relations agency in Leicester, our game changing digital and print PR strategies will get you where you want to be. Whatever your story, we’ll help you tell it so that heads turn.

必威体育娱乐Our campaigns typically include:

It’s not about the hard-sell – It’s about communicating and engaging

Think how you like to buy. You don’t want to be sold to, you want to be engaged, informed and helped. You want to receive useful information when it suits you, wherever you are and on whichever platform you choose – your customers are no different.

Consequently, your public relations campaign needs to do more than just ‘push’ out information and hope for the best.

We don’t sell services, we don’t do PR fluff – we solve problems

必威体育娱乐Whether yours is a large or small business, public relations is by far the most cost-effective marketing tactic.

As the most established B2B PR agency in Leicester, we have been delivering successful PR campaigns for our clients for over 30 years now.

必威体育娱乐We make sure the right messages reach the right people at the right times – check out some of our success stories below: